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» » » Рифма на двоих. We can achieve the fame.

Рифма на двоих. We can achieve the fame.

We can achieve the fame.

Long time ago Professor signed you from the Feyenoord,
He trusts you and he placed you in attack to play on front
“In twenty zero twelve van Persie best in EPL,
He’s an exiting player, he’s a captain, he’s a man!!!!!!!”

That was so many injuries before your talent rise,
Who knows that time you will be like an angel in disquise.
Last season was a real peak of your amazing form…
…By masterpeacing goals your own talent you confirm…

You waiting seven years, and then your time is coming up…
…But why you wait so long and then you all it breaking up???
You break all our dreams, you break all our faith and trust,
You not become a legend cose you traitor now for us….

You spit in our faces, drove the knife in our back
You dropped us when the gunners will be ready for comeback…
…In what we can believe? What is the price of human speech?
You just forget that Wenger make your player on the pitch…

And maybe what you do that I will never understand,
Despite your big betrayal I will be gunner for last stand
…By time in our team high list I do not see your name...
But I believe without you gunners can achieve the fame!!!

Maxim “StreetguerillA” Kuptsou (с)

Дата: 5 июл 2012
Просмотров: 7258
14 июля 2012 13:48     Yulka    Блогеры    Комментариев: 1299  
Мне понравился стих. Автор молодец. Тем более он ещё и на английском.
15 июля 2012 13:30     streetguerilla    Посетители    Комментариев: 167  
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